30 years of IT programming and management across numerous industries  Government, Automotive, Biotech, Chemicals, Financial Services, Healthcare,  Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Alternative  Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Retail, R&D, Service  Organizations, Shipping, Telecommunications, Tools, Machinery, Utilities, and  others.  
Seasoned experts in 250+ markets around the globe   North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin/South America, Eastern Europe,  Australia 
Comprehensive Cyber Security, software patching, updating, and  customization, cloud strategies, network design, and comprehensive system  programming, design, and management encompassing a broad array of  government and corporate enterprise client services. 
The PCC-IT International Team Our team has worked in IT since the days of full floor footprint mainframes. The PCC-IT International team expertise  extends to every corner of the globe and all operating systems, programming languages, government, and industry  applications.   We offer comprehensive services designed to meet the needs of large and small as well as medium size  organizations. Our team experience is broad-reaching, with experts across every major industry in more than 250  markets around the globe.  
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We have been involved for decades with enterprise and government Information Technology and Cyber Security initiatives
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