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Backup and Storage - Cloud vs. Online Cloud storage alternatives have expanded  considerably in the recent past, with storage size,  ease-of-use, file synchronization, speed and time  required for backup, performance, sharing, security  and data breach risks and ramification, downtime  history, learning curve and personnel training, app  requirements, geography (international security risks),  number of machines, system type, and free  storage/free trial periods defining a broad range. Some  offer browser extensions facilitating mobile access.    Online backup, as distinguished from cloud storage,  features versioning, which preserves prior backup  versions useful in the event of viral infection, glitches,  or disaster occurrence. Dropbox, Box, and other popular services (50+  internationally) offer easy upload, online file storage  and sharing, particularly convenient for day-to-day  sharing of those files exceeding e-mail size limitations  (usually 10 - 30 MB, depending on the e-mail server  parameters). Uploaded files are relatively secure,  password protected, while download and read access  levels are modulated by the sharing party.
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Online Backup and Storage choices are expanding, so careful evaluation and comparison is required for enterprise suitability
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