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Backup and Storage Basics - OnSite SAN (Storage Area Network) has been the predominant  on-site storage solution since the mid-1990’s, defined as  a network dedicated and designed to attach storage  software and hardware to servers. Interfaces, protocols,  and networks such as SCSI, SAS, Fiber Channel, iSCSI,  and ATAoE are utilized for sharing storage devices. NAS (Network Attached Storage) uses various protocols  such as IP/TCP over LAN/WAN, UNIX/NFS,  Windows/CIFS/SMB, and Apple/AFP to permit access by  multiple remote users to stored files.  Many software  programs see this as network storage and restrict access in certain settings. DAS (Direct Area Storage) is defined as any storage  device directly connected to a system, including  internal/external drives, USB drives, and others storage  devices. Currently S-ATA is most commonly utilized as  the interface/protocol, among others.
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Backup and Storage Management Backup and Storage Management
OnSite Backup and Storage can be readily accessible but subject to facility security vulnerabilities
Cloud/Online Backup and Storage Disaster Recovery
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