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Legacy Updating, rewriting, migration (ideally with  functional preservation), design optimization, and  development are required at various stages in the  lifecycle for the vast array of enterprises that work  with legacy solutions. Cost control and business  ramifications comparatives are important with  reference to outcomes in weighing rewrites vs.  migration in terms of timelines, personnel  training, expenses, and the upside of the final  product.  Customization based upon the needs of our  clients in order to expand and/or maintain  functionality, while consolidating code, system  burden, update/migration timelines, and assuring  effective successful personnel training and  comfort with the new configuration is paramount.  Our personnel have decades of experience with  legacy systems and assert best practices  approaches for each of our engagements. Please  refer to the Services section for our specific  legacy development and support experience.  
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Our longevity in the industry has resulted in extensive expertise with Legacy systems
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